Tech Race: A Ludum Dare 36 Game


Earth has fallen and humanity has fled to other planets.

You are the leader of your own settlement on a planet with ancient alien technology but your settlement is not the only one. Other rival settlements, out of greed and desperation, are hoarding ancient tech to become more advanced and be the last settlement left.

It is up to you to decide what your settlement does in order to stay alive on this new world.

This game was made in 72 hours as part of Ludum Dare Game Jam 36. The theme was Ancient Technology.

Music credits belong to Aaron Krogh.
Background credits belong to Kevin Chaloux.


Left-click to choose a card when asked.

You have three bars. One is the affection your settlement has for you, one is the amount of tech you have gathered and one is the amount of tech left to discover.

If the affection bar falls to zero, your settlement will abandon you.

When the amount of tech left goes to zero, a massive battle will occur between the different settlements, the winner of which being the one with the highest amount of tech gathered.


Check the game out here on Ludum Dare:

Ludum Dare 36

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