Shadowfall Beta Release

We’ve finally arrived at that point again where another game is finally ready to be released to the public in its beta form. Everyone, please welcome SHADOWFALL!


A lot of polish has gone into this version of the game, but there are still places for improvement, such as the tutorial level, which was added in as a last minute way to get players to learn about my unusual way of killing Slimes.


Dialogue boxes were added to the game to make tutorials a lot easier to do and sneak in some lore about the world of Shadowfall as well.




Once the player climbs up the steps, they reach the first floor, where their adventure begins.


The Darkness is chasing Louie Bright, who is controlled by the player, as he makes his climb up the incredibly tall tower. There are 50 floors to the top, so it’s going to take a while. Thankfully, Louie has the ability to rewind time when he dies, so he has near infinite chances, but each time he dies, he starts at the bottom again.

As Louie progresses, the landscape gets brighter and more colorful as he gets closer and closer to the Light Gem. Blocks may randomly spawn in color, and the wall grows brighter.


If Louie collects at least 1000 Light Orbs and dies, he goes to Heaven for a short time, where he is offered a random upgrade to buy in exchange for 1000 Light Orbs. These upgrades should help Louie with his many climbs up the Tower of Light. Heaven, in contrast to the rest of the game, is bright and colorful, because it is untouched by the Darkness.


No matter whether Louie accepts the offer or denies it, or if he dies with less than 1000 Light Orbs, he is taken to the Game Over screen, where a new ‘Tips’ box has been added to give random tips and lore titbits.


So let’s talk about that 50th level. If Louie makes it all the way, he will find the Light Gem. Upon touching it, a cutscene plays.



In this cutscene, we see images play one by one to tell a story of the Light Gem glowing bright and eradicating the Darkness. Below you can see two images. They are the same image, drawn by me for a different earlier project, only modified to show a world where the Darkness reigned and another where the Darkness was destroyed. It is a simple way to tell the ending, but I think it’s sufficient enough.



Sounds and Music

In this version, I added sounds and music to enhance the entire experience. I went with a constant 8-Bit theme to the sounds and music to go with the pixel art style. Firstly, the music. I got most of them from Newgrounds’s Audio Portal, which is an amazing place to find video game music, looping or not. Here is the album if you want a listen.

Now, for Sounds, I found it a lot harder to get Sounds I liked online, hence I decided to use this remarkable free 8-Bit sound producing software, Bfxr. It is incredibly easy to use, and you can make loads of 8-Bit sounds. Here’s my album of sounds for you. Feel free to download any of them to use in your own projects.

That’s it for now! Making Shadowfall was a blast, and though I wished I could have made some things better, like the heads-up display and the character sprites, time is a limiter and sometimes we have to bow to it.

Playable Beta

Download the Beta Release Here (10MB)

Or Play RIGHT NOW on GameJolt!

Check the Asset List Here
Want to check out the work behind Shadowfall? Check the Stencyl file here! (14MB)

How to Play:

  1. Click on the link above, and press on Download.
  2. Use Flash Player to play the game. If you don’t have it or don’t know how, just drag the file onto Google Chrome.


Until the next project, take care and have a good holiday season!

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