Noble Neon: Beta Download

Noble Neon Beta Screenshot

I’m gonna say this straight: It is not fair that WordPress charges us just to mess around with the page code. So it is with disappointment that I cannot embed the beta of Noble Neon on this page. Sadly, you guys are going to have to download it and play it on your computer. With that out of the way, let us get to the beta download!


To Play the Beta
1. Download from Flash file (.swf) from the link above.

2. Open it with your preferred flash player. If you don’t have any, just drag the file onto Google Chrome.

Find a problem? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I humanly can.

Interested in the game’s assets? Here’s the asset list!

So if you have been following my progress for a while, you may notice one or two features that I’ve mentioned before that aren’t in the game itself. For one, this is just a beta and not the final version (one can argue, even, that games are almost never finished these days, what with the countless number of patches, downloadable content and updates a game gets even years after its release). For another, limitations on engines a person uses can sometimes limit the scope of a project. For this project, the Bullet Time mechanic didn’t make it into this build because the engine used to create this build, Stencyl (build 8281), has a limited suite of features. It is nearly impossible implementing something that can slow time without breaking the entire game upon the return to normal speed. In the future, I plan to remake this project in Unity or Game Maker and maybe then, find a solid way of implementing Bullet Time.

For now, Noble Neon has to make do without going super bright on everything it meets. Have fun, guys! Leave comments if you have any questions. I’ll see you next week with a new build, or quite possibly a new game…

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